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Fall League Registrations Continue.  Winter registrations will begin September 15.

Champion's Fall League is for students in the 6th through 12th grades.

Our Middle School Boys' League has been expanded to add one more team, so we can accept up to 5 more registrations.

Our Middle School Girls League also was expanded to add another team and we will take up to 4 more registrations.  So we will have 5 middle school girls teams and can take up to 5 more girls before that league is full.

There is still room for three more players in the High School boys leagues.

If you are looking for basketball information for your 1st through 6th grader, please check back for registrations beginning September 15.  We want to be sure the fall league is underway before we begin registrations for the winter league.

Champion Basketball is made possible through the help of many volunteers, the gracious use of gym space from five area churches, and the financial donations of those who believe in our program. Because of these assets, Champion is able to offer its program at relatively low cost compared to similar community programs, making us affordable to families of all income levels. We also offer scholarships to those who are unable to afford our modest registration costs.

Champion Basketball for all grades consists of one practice each week and one game. All games are Saturdays at one of our various locations. Practices during the week could be on a Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday evening.

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Champion Basketball exists to meet physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs in today's kids. Physical, because we get them off the couch and exercising; Emotional, because Champion is all about encouragement and building self-esteem; Social, because Champion Basketball is a place where kids can build meaningful relationships with other kids; and Spiritual, because Champion basketball teaches kids about God and encourages them to have a meaningful relationship with Him. But we also believe that kids need fun, and Champion Basketball is a place where they will have a lot of it.

To learn more about our facilities, check the facility link to the left. To read our Statement of Faith, click on the "About Us" link. If you would like to volunteer for Champion Basketball, click the link that says, "Volunteers Needed."

Champion Basketball is a ministry of TEAM Rochester. All donations to our ministry are tax deductible. To contact us, call 507-271-4726 or email us at

Champion Youth Basketball, P.O. Box 5796, Rochester, MN 55903